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These pages will try to provide you with other interesting kayaking information, venues, stories and links that may not be covered in our books.

Please feel free to contact us with interesting places and stories that you'd like to see here.



Ten best kayaking spots in South Florida

Excerpt from Florida Rambler article 

In southeast Florida, waterways are plentiful. It’s surprising, then, to discover how hard it is to find good places to kayak or canoe. Open space is rare here; we’ve paved it, covered it with condos and then filled in any spots left with strip malls.

A few great places survive, though:  waterways with interesting, appealing scenery where kayaks are not dodging speed boats.

In South Florida, you can always launch your kayak along the beach, of course. But here are some other alternatives; our list for best kayaking in South Florida. This list focuses on southeast Florida — the Atlantic coast from the Keys through Palm Beach County.

Excerpt from Florida Rambler article 

We’re happy to share a guest post today from Ed Higgins, co-author of “Paddles in Paradise” and “More Paddles in Paradise.” We asked him for a kayak trip that was widely accessible but not well-known, and we think he selected a kayak trail that you will add to your to-do- list.  It’s now on mine!

3 Southwest Florida kayaking trails that aren't famous but should be

Excerpt from Florida Rambler article 

Shell Creek is about five miles east of Punta Gorda and it deserves to be a destination for kayakers from well beyond its area. You will have to travel several hours to kayak anywhere more beautiful

This river offers undisturbed natural beauty: Live oaks decorated with Spanish moss arching over the creek, gnarly cypress trees, turtles sunning on fallen logs, shy alligators plus birds galore. There are only a few houses as this river is the source of drinking water for Punta Gorda.

You can paddle for a few hours or all day: there are 13 miles of river good for paddling. We came across a few fishermen in motor boats, but for 90 percent of the time, it was just us and nature.

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