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These pages will try to provide you with other interesting kayaking information, venues, stories and links that may not be covered in our books.

Please feel free to contact us with interesting places and stories that you'd like to see here.



 Biolumenescent paddle at Merritt Island.

Excerpt from Florida Rambler article 


"I was endlessly amused waving my hand through the water and seeing my hand and its wake glow like a cold fire. I loved slapping the water with my paddle to create a splash of light.

But my all-time favorite bioluminescent effect was paddling into the middle of a huge school of sleeping mullets.

Hundreds of mullets woke up and did what mullet do – leaped through air and crash-landed in the water. Each leaping mullet created a splash of light. Mullets were popping like popcorn, creating a light show. Underwater, others streamed away, leaving streaks of light behind them. Meanwhile, it felt like it was raining mullets and the sound effects included fish thumping against boats and squeals from kayakers now sharing boats with trapped mullets flipping away".

Mound Key, Estero

Excerpt from Florida Rambler article 

The kayak to and around Mound Key offered many opportunities to observe birds and wildlife. There were so many osprey, we lost count. Two roseate spoonbills (personal favorites) were visible on several occasions. Mullet jumped so close we thought we’d catch one in our canoe. And, as we sat on the kayak landing beach eating our picnic lunch and gazing onto Estero Bay, two dolphins swam peacefully past.

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