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Florida Kayaking at its best

Welcome to "Paddles in Paradise" and "More Paddles in Paradise", the bibles for every recreational paddler in Southwest Florida.
Join Deb and Ed as they take you to some of the most beautiful kayak and canoe paddles in Southwest Florida. Their books offer full color guides to "Paradise" as they know it. 
Each book's 25 chapters will bring you to a different location and a unique paddling experience; from secluded mangrove trails, to the warm Gulf waters, to pristine cypress swamps. These book provide locations, directions, trail maps, outfitters and descriptions.
If you want to find a calm, relaxing, and scenic paddle between Ocala and the Everglades; and you're not sure where to go...or how to get there...or what to expect... these books are for you.

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at and at local bookstores and outfitters.

NOTE: We are no longer offering our books for sale through our website. They are still available through

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"Until I paddled with Deb and Ed I was unaware of the magical places that were within easy reach through kayaking. Their tireless research and expert teaching affords new and wondrous adventures on the water for those who follow their lead."


​                                                              --- Howard Spielman, author of "A Good Day: Confessions of a                Reformed Pessimist" and creator of the award winning MGM/Showtime hit series "Dead Man's Gun"  




"Sitting in a comfortable chair and browsing through Edward F. Higgins and Deborah Higgins's kayaking tour guide, Paddles in Paradise, is a pleasure indeed, but I soon got the urge to do more than just sit here. It's been a while since I've kayaked, though I've been considering getting back into the sport after seeing so many kayakers on the lake where I swim. The Higgins' descriptions of the rivers and waterways they've kayaked in Florida are filled with just the types of details necessary to have an enjoyable kayaking adventure with a minimum of errors and false stops. I loved how careful they were to describe following dirt roads in the back of parking lots to get to a particular launching area, and remembered how frustrating it can be when you drive back and forth trying to find a starting point that doesn't seem to exist. Their suggestions for food and sustenance are also essential and marvelous to find in this type of a guide.This is one of those books that belongs with your kayaking gear, so you can look at the map while adventuring and get your bearings. These authors are very enthusiastic about kayaking and that enthusiasm comes out clearly in their book. Paddles in Paradise is most highly recommended."


                                                                                   ---Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

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